Divorce and Mediation

My role as a trained mediator—

Divorce does not need to be an expensive, exhausting battle. I don’t think this is what either of you (or your children) want.

I am a trained mediator who can help you and your spouse to get through a sticking point or obstacle that may be preventing a completed divorce process. A divorce has three components: legal, emotional, and financial. If you are stuck on a financial or emotional issue, I can help.

Acting as a neutral third party, I can assist two willing parties in evaluating several different financial scenarios and determine why one stands out as the best and most equitable settlement. Isn’t it better to resolve the issues that are unique to your own situation, values, goals, and relationship rather than have a third party decide for you?

Mediation will require both spouses to be respectful, reasonable, fully cooperative. Also, it is necessary that a full and honest disclosure of all assets and liabilities be laid out. All mediation is confidential, of course.

After an agreement is reached that is satisfactory to each party, an attorney can review and prepare the necessary legal documents to be filed with the court.

Divorce Mediation services offered by Karen Caporaso are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.