No matter how commonplace divorce has become, it is an emotionally difficult process for everyone involved. Equitably dividing assets after years of marriage and planning for a new financial future for each should be considered carefully and not under duress. This is a time when the divorcing couple may be experiencing the highest level of stress they have ever known while focusing on many important issues at the same time. This is especially so when children custody issues are also a factor.

As a result of duress, sound financial analysis and planning for a post-divorce financial future when not thinking clearly will produce the realistic consequences of making poor decisions in regard to money. You can get through the emotional and legal part of divorce, but you will have to live with the financial component. A person's financial future must be analyzed and addressed before signing on the dotted line. We are trained to help with the difficult financial process of divorce. Too often a divorce settlement agreed upon may seem fair at the time but turns out to be less than equitable in the future. Each spouse must clearly understand all the positives and negatives of his or her financial decision today and what the future financial effects of that decision may be.